Round Table
<Borderless questions and experimentation: Dance X Technology>
*In cooperation with PAMS(Performing Arts Market in Seoul), Arts Korea Lab
Panel Su-Wenchi, Jeong Seyoung, Caroline Laurin Beaucage
(Moderator: Park Jusun)
Date 10.11.WED.14:00~14:50
Venue JCC Art Center Concert Hall
With the advancement of technology, an era of new challenges and expansion has opened for artists and artist’s work. For the artists, ‘techology’ is an interesting tool as a new medium for creatin. What does ‘technology’ mean, and what is the relationship between art and technology in creation? And how is choreography changing and transitioning in the realm of digital techology?
Taiwan’s Su Wen-chi, South Korea’s Jeong Se-young, and Montreal’s Carolin Laurin-Beaucage, who are active in the fields of dance and technology, talk about new imaginations through their borderless questions and experiments
Event Korea National Contemporary Dance Company(KNCDC) <Dance x Technology Creative Lab>Prototype - KNCDC Playground 10.11(WED)
Nurturing Creative Minds Arts&Technology – Seoul Theater Center 10.12(THU)

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