Round Table
Asia Connection: New Narratives & Transformation
*In cooperation with PAMS(Performing Arts Market in Seoul)
Panel Mark Teh
Jin Yim
Dolina Wehipeihana
(Moderator: Kyu Choi)
Date 10.13.Fri. 12:30~13:20
Venue JCC Art Center Concert Hall
How does Asian contemporary art contemplate the time of change and transformation? In the post-pandemic era, post/de-colonialism, the era of digital technology and climate crisis, what does Asian contemporary art pay attention to, and from what perspective do artists view and create contemporary art? And how should ww make new connections with Southeast Asia and the Frist Nations in Australia and New Zealand? This session will discuss the present and new narratives of Asian contemporary art and the things that need to rethink and be transformed with 'A Notional History‘s director Mark Teh, independent producer and curator Jin Yim, and Kia Mau Festival general director Dolina Wehipayhana.

※ For PAMS registrants only.