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<Keynote + A Robot as a Performer>
Keynote: Art, Technoscience and Post-Humanism
*In cooperation with Arts Korea Lab
Speaker Keynote: Hong Sungwook
Demonstrator: Kwon Byung jun
Panel: Kwon Byung jun, Ham Sung-ho
Date 10.26.THU. 10:00~11:30
Venue Arts Korea Lab
Advances in science have opened an era of new challenges and an opportunity for the expansion of artists' work. This session examines the relationship between art, technology, and science to find out how they have coexisted, conflicted, and interacted with one another. Furthermore, it will consider what type of relationship is being created between art and technology in the post-humanism era.
Event Korea National Contemporary Dance Company(KNCDC) <Dance x Technology Creative Lab> Prototype - KNCDC Playground 10.11(WED)
[PAMS Salon] Borderless questions and experimentation at Dance & Technology JCC Art center Concert hall 10.11(WED)
Nurturing Creative Minds Arts&Technology – Seoul Theater Center 10.12(THU)
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, <Korea Artist Prize 2023>Exhibition

※ This programme is a programme of Arts Korea Lab Opening Festival. You can find the information in October on the Arts Korea Lab website