Work in Progress
Korea National Contemporary Dance Company(KNCDC) <Dance x Technology Creative Lab> Prototype
*In cooperation with Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, PAMS(Performing Arts Market in Seoul), Arts Korea Lab.
Artist Kim Bora x GiiÖii
Park Sooyoung
Jeong Seyoung x Suh Jae-eun
(Moderator: Gwak Ahram, Kyu Choi)
Date 10.11.WED.09:30~12:00
NCDC is conducting a long-term project called the "Dance X Technology Creative Lab" from 2021 to 2025. Through this initiative, they are exploring the relationship between art and technology, imagining boundary-breaking new forms of dance, and questioning and seeking answers for the future of dance. Following 2022, this year also continues the exploration under the theme "Post-Human × Post-Humanism," focusing on the era of coexistence between humans and artificial intelligence and continuing to question and re-explore the uniqueness of humanity. In this prototype presentation, choreographers Kim Bora, Park Soo-young, and Jeong Se-young will introduce the process of their work.
Choreographer Kim Bora, in collaboration with the Giioii Studio, initiated <Synchronous Senses> (working title) with the purpose of conducting performance creation experiments in the metaverse, following the premiere of <Dot. > in early 2021. Following their research in 2022, their upcoming production in 2024 (scheduled for October at LG Arts Center) aims to separate virtual and physical spaces, exploring elements of virtual reality. The goal is to extend this into a fully virtualized stage rather than a physical space, and they intend to pitch the concept and implementation of this idea. Participants in 2021, Park Soo-young, and 2022, Jeong Se-young,will each introduce prototypes centered around the theme of "Post-Human," titled <Post-Human Body-Digital, Robot> and <Tomorrow's Neighbor_ Beyond Night and Dreams>, respectively
● Research Sharing on KNCDC new work in 2024 by Bora Kim x GiiÖii <Synchronous Senses> (working title)
● Dance x Technology Creative Lab Prototype
Park Soo-young <Post-Human Body-Digital, Robot>
Jeong Seyoung x Suh Jae-eun <Tomorrow’s Neighbor_Beyond Night and Dreams>
Event [PAMS Salon] Borderless questions and experimentation at Dance &Technology 10.11(WED)
Nurturing Creative Minds Arts&Techology - Seoul Theter Center 10.12(THU)

※ For the <Dance x Technology Creative Lab> researchers only.