Round Table
<Nurturing Creative Minds Arts&Technology: Arts x Technology>
※ In cooperation with Arts Korea Lab and Seoul Theater Cente
Panel [Organisations]
-Jonathan Thonon / IMPAC(Belgium)
-Anna Cheon /West Kowloon(Hongkong)
-Cynthia Wang / C-lab(Taiwan)
-Choi Wonjung/ Korea Paradise(South Korea)
-Anna Anderegg/Switzerland, Germany
-Song Joowon(South Korea)
-Eric Arnal Burtschy(France)
Date 10.12.THU10:00~12:30
Venue Seoul Theater Center
In an era where everyone talks about technology, its efficiency and production, we want to talk about what's beyond technology through art, and embrace this. We want to think about the present and the future we will face. How do artists and various stakeholders (organisations, festivals, etc.) working with them create while looking at both the present and future?
Event Korea National Contemporary Dance Company(KNCDC) <Dance x Technology Creative Lab> Prototype - KNCDC Playground 10.11(WED)
Nurturing Creative Minds Arts&Technology – Seoul Theater Center 10.12(THU)

※ In cooperation with Arts Korea Lab, Seoul Theater Center.