Associated Artists

Jaha Koo

Jaha Koo is an artist who breaks away from the conventions of traditional theater and experiments with various possibilities and expansions of the theater genre as an independent “theater maker”. The main bases for his work are Brussels and Amsterdam. He is currently working as a resident artist at Art Center CAMPO in Ghent, Belgium. He is focused on exploring politics, history or social issues as his themes. His most notable mid-to-long term project, Hamartia Trilogy, is a project through which he is communicating with audiences around the world.

Byungjun Kwon

After starting his career as a singer-songwriter in the early 1990s, Byungjun Kwon has released six albums in genres ranging from alternative rock to minimal house. Since the 2000s, he has been working in various fields including movie soundtracks, fashion shows, dance, theater, and Korean traditional music. In 2005 he moved to the Netherlands and worked as a hardware engineer at STEIM, a research center for the invention of experimental electrvonic musical instruments. He returned to Korea in 2011, and has been working as a hardware researcher who explores sound while directing and produccing new media performances that encompass music, theater and fine arts.

Poongnyun Kim 

Poongnyun Kim has been working as an artist and director for Zakdangmoee  since 2016. She is interested in "a world with random coincidences and stories that come out of nowhere and which are completely out of context." In that world, she finds "coincidence, uncertainty, obscurity, fragments, and gaps” and stitches them together in a story to conspire with her friends and communicate with the world. Her major works include Look at your hol (2019), I-scratched-my-knee;-I-feel-my-armpit-prickle (2020), Time of Fermentation (2021) and Turkish March (2021)

Jin-yeob Lee

Jin-yeob Lee is Director of the artists collective Elephants Laugh. Her works focus on three keywords: ‘place’, ‘community’, and ‘audience-participation’. Elephants Laugh creates site-specific performances based on stories that belong to communities and places. The collective pursues diverse and unconventional experiments without being limited to certain genres. Such experiments gave birth to <Muljil> <Bodies in the Dark> <Unseen Turmoil> <All the Sex I've Ever Had>, and through these works, she has been communicating with international audiences at numerous festivals around the world.

JUN Inchul 

Jun Inchul was born in Gangneung city located in Gangwon-do province. In 2015, he founded the Theater Company Dolpagu, and since then, he has continued to explore science, space, youth, and gender as the main subjects for creation. He presents the world of characters who are from different generations and classes and have different identities on stage to talk about how "we are connected to each other and live with the same challenges in life.

Sung-Im Her

Sung-Im Her is a choreographer who examines contemporary social issues and boldly portrays them with dynamic yet abstract movements. After graduating from the choreographer course at the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S) in Belgium, she has collaborated with Jan Fabre, Les Ballets c de la B, Cie Alias, Abattoir Ferme, Needcompany, etc. As a choreographer, she has been creating works in collaboration with artists from various genres while gaining attention from both the Korean and European dance sectors.