Wolf100 ⓒMom-choom
  • Choreographer
    Soyoung Lee
  • Date 2020.10.14.(Wed) 20:00
  • Tickets Free
  • Rating 12 and over
  • Duration 30min.
  • Place Arko Arts Theater - Small Hall

33 women, 99 words and one dance

There are often times when female perspectives, judgments, diverse emotions, and sensitivity are dismissed in patriarchal society or undermined for being too “emotional” or “sensitive”. WOLF100 began after repeatedly experiencing such instances.

The archetype of women being depicted as weaker than men in society is actually a “wild” archetype. Once women rediscover their true nature, they can tap into the “female power” that is often overlooked in our society’s framework. At the core of this piece is faith in the power that women would have upon returning to society after reclaiming her creative, intuitive, and mentally and physically vibrant life.

하이라이트 동영상