ⓒYoung Kyun Lee

Conditions of Tradition

Project Gaeng

전통의 조건들 Conditions of Tradition ⓒYoung Kyun Lee
  • Co-creation Project Gaeng
  • Concept·
    Giyoung Kim
  • Date 2020.10.14.(Wed) 20:00
  • Tickets Free
  • Rating 12 and over
  • Duration 40min.
  • Place Arko Arts Theater - Small Hall

Entirely disparate conditions that constitute contemporary traditions, and their entanglement. The myth is already deconstructed and the future of tradition is called into question.

As long as the seemingly contradictory mission of preserving and, at the same time, inheriting and passing down something dominates traditional art forms, criticism on their originality is still valid. As a practice in discourse, our last exhibition Conditions Of Tradition(2019) attempts the historicization of traditional performing arts by proposing the conditions that activate various “traditions” (spectre-tradition, genre-tradition, one-off-tradition, contemporary-tradition, representation-tradition). This project explores how these multiple conditions pierce through or circumvent the body of performers and individual narratives.



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