©Judith Buss


Creative VaQi & Residenztheatre

Borderline ©Judith Buss
  • Director Kyungsung Lee
  • Research·Text Jürgen Berger
  • Release date further notice
  • Tickets Pay-per-view through
    Naver tv sponsored
    (The price be announced at a later date)
  • Premiere 2020. Seoul Performing Arts Festival
  • Rating 12 and over
  • Duration 120min.
  • Video channel Naver tv
  • Support 독일문화원 Goethe-Institut Korea 한국문화예술위원회 로고 Arts Council Korea
  • Support for video production 서울문화재단 로고

“This morning, the door suddenly opened wide and his mother shouted, lit by the yellow light in the hallway. The border was open.”

‘An diesem Morgen ging dann plötzlich die Tür auf, seine Mutter stand im Türramhmen, im gelben Flurlicht, und rief: Die Grenze ist offen.’

Borderline is a theatrical piece that began with the research of German theater critic and playwright Jürgen Berger. Traveling between Germany, Thailand, and Korea over the past few years, Berger met people who were looking for a new place to settle down, away from their familiar homes. He conducted interviews in diverse forms and wrote a text based on them.

For two years(2018-2019), ResidenzTheatre of Munich, Germany, Korean theater company Creative VaQi, and Producer Group DOT traveled between Germany and Korea for workshops, with the aim to put this text on stage. However, they were then met with the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020...

Kyung-sung Lee Kyungsung Lee

Director who captures contemporary social issues in a theatrical language and invents new aesthetic strategies

Since he founded Creative VaQi with his colleagues in 2008, Lee has been working as a director and performance maker. Beyond the theatre that places the space of theatre and text at its center, he has been seeking collaborations with media, installation art and dance artists and making shows in everyday spaces such as abandoned buildings, squares and crosswalks.
He was appointed as the 3rd artistic director of Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival in 2015 and is currently a professor in acting at Sungkyunkwan University. His major workds include <남산 도큐멘타>(2014), <비포 애프터>(2015), <워킹 홀리데이>(2017) and <러브 스토리>(2018).

 위르겐 베르거 Jürgen Berger Jürgen Berger

Playwright who raises contemporary issues that transcend border and genre

A renowned theatre critic and playwright of Germany, Jürgen Berger transcends national borders and genres, working with Argentine, Brazilian, Thai and Filipino artists to deal with social issues such as sexual minorities and immigrants. Recently, his opera <Alzeim>, which deals with Alzheimer's disease, and play <Ifwuala> about German immigrants in Argentina were critically acclaimed in Germany. He has also served on the jury of renowned performing arts and culture related programs including Berliner Theatertreffen and Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis.


Cast‧Co-Creation | BumJin Woo, Florian Jahr, KyungMin Na, SoHyun Bae, SungIc Jang
Director |Kyungsung Lee
Research·Text | Jürgen Berger

Technical Director | Yochan Kim
Stage Manager | EunKyu Lee
Set Design | Seungryul Shin
Videographer | Hez Kim
Sound Design | Haesoo Eshu Jung
Light Design | KyuYeon Hwang
Assistant Director·Archivist | YeiSol Hyun

Translation | Danbi Yi

Producer | HeeJin Lee


Executive Director |Katja Funken-Hamann
Artistic Director |Andreas Beck
Deputy Artistic Director | Ingrid Trobitz
Chief Dramaturg |Almut Wagner
Production Director |Carla Meller
Administration |Rebecca Rieger
Technical Director |Frank Crusius

Produced by |Producer Group DOT, Residenztheater

Creative VaQi

Founded in 2008, Creative VaQi discovers the themes from our contemporary society. Members from different backgrounds go through research, exploration, firsthand experience and workshop together and translate the resulting documentations, changes of perspective and revelations into the language of performing arts.
Rather than language-oriented theatre, they seek to create the richest kind of performing art pieces by utilizing ingredients of various art disciplines including objects, body, media and installation art. Using alternative spaces besides theatres such as crosswalks, squares and abandoned buildings, they have attempted at encounters of people and environments that are possible because theatre is theatre. Also, they try not to merely celebrate new forms but to collectively pursue a spirit and philosophy that can make the world a better place.

Co-Creation Residenztheatre

Located in Munich, Residenztheatre is one of the leading venues in Germany. It first opened in the 18th century as Bavarian State Theatre and now more than 45 actors belong to it.
It communicates with the audience in different theatrical languages ranging from the classical to contemporary. It has 3 venues: Residenztheater has 887 seats, a Baroque-style Cuvilliés-Theater 523 seats and Marstall, with flexible units, has 200.
In 2019, Andreas Beck, artistic director of Theater Basel who is gaining a lot of attention and recognition in the European theatre scene, became the new artistic director of Residenztheatre, enabling it to present more experimental and innovative contemporary theatre.

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