ⓒSang Hoon Ok

Burnt Offering Ⅱ

99 Art Company

Burnt Offering Ⅱ ⓒSang Hoon Ok
  • Choreographer Hye-rim Jang
  • Release date further notice
  • Tickets Pay-per-view through
    Naver tv sponsored
    (The price be announced at a later date)
  • Premiere 2019. Gugak Experiment Stage <Chungchundaero Dungdeokung> Duridancetheatre
  • Rating 12 and over
  • Duration 50min.
  • Video channel Naver tv

The time of labor – a reminder that it is already a sacred product dedicated to heaven, thus presenting an offering from this era

Many types of dance on earth originated from “offerings.” What forms do “offerings” take in the current era, and how can we interpret their significance? The burnt offering in the Old Testament offers the scent from burning something, as opposed to presenting a sacrifice of animals or food. Similar to the scent from a burnt offering, human life builds its meaning by burning the time that is moving towards death. The choreographer of this piece found sublime beauty in such a life.
Adding the meaning of the burnt offering to the monotonous life of workers, a contemporary offering is presented on stage with the hope that their lives, being burned up through labor, will never be wasted away in vain.

 Hye-rim Jang Hye-rim Jang

Choreographer who portrays contemporary stories based on Korean dance

Working with a range of collaborators regardless of genre, choreographer Hye-rim Jang explores the existential value of human in her work, aspiring to create 'dance that resonates with the soul.' Through the work that pulls out different internal stories via the vehicle of dance, she hopes to share the energy with her audience.
Her major works include <숨그네>(2014), <심연>(2016), <침묵>(2016) and <Mark 7:34>(2018). <심연> won Best Dance Performance Award from 한국평론가협회 in 2016 and Best Creation Award from 한국비평가협회 and was selected for 'PAMS Choice' of Performing Arts Market Seoul.


Choreographer | Hye-rim Jang
Co-Composition |Bo-ra Ju, Jin-a Hwang
Co-Creation | Go-woon Lee, Seo-yi Jang
Writer | Joo-hee Lee
Promotion·Ticketing | 99 Art Company
Stage Director | Min-ho Park
Stage Design | Tae-yang Lee
Light Design | Geon-yeong Kim
Cast | Go-woon Lee, Seo-yi Jang, Bo-ra Ju, Jin-a Hwang

99 Art Company

Founded in 2014, 99 Art Company aims to create a new Korean dance that links tradition and contemporaneity under the motto of ‘dance that resonates with the soul.' In their work, 99 Art Company always keeps the aspiration of resembling a tree that grows firmer roots as it reaches higher towards the sky.

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