ⓒSang Hoon Ok

Concerning My Daughter

Showvill Company

Concerning My Daughter ⓒSang Hoon Ok
  • Original Hye-jin Kim
    『Concerning My Daughter』
  • Dramatization Dan-bi Hong
  • Director Ki-ppeum Lee
  • Release date further notice
  • Tickets Pay-per-view through
    Naver tv sponsored
    (The price be announced at a later date)
  • Premiere 2020. Seoul Performing Arts Festival
  • Rating 12 and over
  • Duration 115min.
  • Video channel Naver tv

The story of four people who are living in this very moment

Concerning My Daughter is the story of a mother and a daughter who are living in today’s world, where hate and exclusion no longer surprise us.

Looking at our society, which demands diversity but does not accept it, and a world full of discrimination, inequality, generational conflicts, violence and, hate, this piece calmly asks the question:

How should we go on living in this world?

 Ki-ppeum Lee Ki-ppeum Leen

Theatre director who captures universal sentiments in a changing world

After working extensively as a stage manager and assistant director, director Ki-ppeum Lee, who is also leading the ‘Creative Group LAS,’ has been directing works with her own vision, boasting multifaceted talent not only in theatre but also in musicals, children's theatre and concerts.
Lee says, ‘After all, good theatre is created by good people; I'm trying to be a good person before I try to make good theatre.' With <Concerning My Daughter>, she aims to tell a universal story of living this age of ours.


Original | Hye-jin Kim 『Concerning My Daughter』
Director |Ki-ppeum Lee
Assistant Director | Da-bin Lee
Dramatization | Dan-bi Hong, Ki-ppeum Lee
Cast | You-young Lim, Hyun-sil Shin, Hee-yeon Kim, So-yeon Jin, Kang-woo Lee
Set Design | Seung-jun Jeong
Light Design | Yoo-seok Jung
Light Operator | Min-kyoung Shin
Sound Design | Chan-ho Yoon
Sound Operator | Dan-bi Hong
Costume Design | Mi-joung Kim
Make-up Design | Seung-hwan Lee
Props Design | Min-hee Kwon
Stage Manager | Tae-jun Jang
Graphic | EASThug
Editor | Hye-jin Park
Producer | Hyun-jun Kim
Producer PD | Hee-sook Jeon

Showvill Company

Founded in 2016, Showvill Company is a production company the name of which comes from 'show village,' standing for 'a village with a variety of performances.'
Young producers with more than 10 years of experience in the performing arts scene including theatre, musical and concert teamed up to conceive and produce shows with differentiated ideas and producing capacities, which will communicate and resonate with people.
They aim to promote performing art and culture more widely by always thinking from the audience's perspective first for the result that makes the audience happiest and by organizing rich cultural interactions with audiences. Also, besides PR and marketing, a range of cultural content is organized including public events and festivals, in order to grow into a comprehensive entertainment company that leads the scene with contemporary sensibilities with various culture projects.

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