ⓒSang Hoon Ok

13 Fruitcakes

Singing Actors Repertory Company

13 Fruitcakes ⓒSang Hoon Ok
  • Playwright·
    Byungkoo Ahn
  • Composer Gihieh Lee
  • Release date further notice
  • Tickets Pay-per-view through
    Naver tv sponsored
    (The price be announced at a later date)
  • Premiere 2019. La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club
  • Rating 15 and over
  • Duration 80min.
  • Video channel Naver tv

We Must Go!
A cry for freedom and equality against violence and oppression,
presented with a powerful mise-en-scene, music, and media art!

In 13 Fruitcakes, a time traveling sequence with the mysterious drag queen Orlando(the protagonist of the novel of the same name by Virginia Woolf) unfolds on stage. During this journey, the audience learns the ”13 great members of the LGBT community” who left significant marks in the development of humanity in culture, arts, science, and politics, while living under the shadows of society’s discrimination, oppression, and injustice.

Laughing and crying together while watching the beautiful, yet heartbreaking, hidden stories of their lives, audiences can reflect once again on the true meaning of justice, equality, and peace; what it really means to live a human life; and how we should lead our lives.

Byungkoo Ahn, SDC Byungkoo Ahn, SDC

Internationlly recognized director who has cultivated a new genre of 21-century music theatre

Since he started to work in 1995 at La MaMa in New York, the center of experimental theatre movement of the US, director Byungkoo Ahn has been active in Korea, US and Europe as a creative artist. He is one of the very few Koreans to be the official member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society of the US.
He founded Singing Actors Repertory Company, an experimental music theatre company, in 2013 with opera singer Ja-young Jeong and has created musical theatre pieces of various forms and performed both in and outside of Korea. Inspired by the styles of pop music videos and not confined to one specific genre, he invented, by merging it with classical music into stage presentation, a genre called ‘Musical Vignettes,’ continuing to expand his horizon.
His major works include <Hamyul/Hamlet)>(2011) and <Voyage: Musical Vignettes)>(2013), which received rave reviews from the critics of world’s prestigious press including The New York Times and NYTheatre.com.


Playwright·Director | Byungkoo Ahn
Associate Director | Heeyeon Kim
Composer | Gihieh Lee
Electronic Music Director | Martin Herman
Electronic Music | Los Angeles Laptop Collective
Lyrics | Oscar Wilde and other queer poets
Choreographer | Jaseung Won, Byunggoo Seo
Dramaturge | Sandra Lee
Music Director | Hanul Chae
Orchestrations | Jiwon Han, Jong Yoon Choi, Gihieh Lee
Studio Producing | Young Gon Kim, Hanul Chae
Mixing/Editing | Young Gon Kim
Mixing | Jaeik Jung
Producer | Jayoung Jeong, Sujin Kim
Production Manager | Minseok Lee
Managing Director | Sujin Kim, Soon Park
Visual Director | Tay Yoo
Set Design | Taemin Go
Costume Design | Leon Wiebers
Sound Design | Jeonghoon Kim
Light Design | Jaeeok Kim
Media Director | Inhye Lee
Main Video Design | Sangyeon Park
Stage Manager | Suye Park
Stage Manager Assistant | Rin Kim
Assistant Director | Sol Lee
Assistant Music Director |Yeseul Yoon
Assistant Choreographer |Jaehun Choi
Associate Costume Designer |Jiayi Yang
Promotions Manager |Juhyun Lee, Minyeong Kim
Poster Design |Soojeong Heo
Visual Media Design | Hyunhee Lee
Props Making |Younbin Go

Piano | Hanul Chae
Guitar | Hwiseok Seo
Bass Guitar | Yang-il Kim
Violin | Soojin Seo
Cello | Seungbum You
Percussions | Ui il Hong
Drums | Hong Yoo

Cast | Jimin More, Jayoung Jeong, Eunyoung Her, Kyungrok Kim, Jiung Kim, Sangjoon Park, Joowon Shin,
    Solji Ahn, Youngseoung Yoo, Nyeongsu Yun, Gihyun Lee, Soojung Lee, Hankyul Cho, Jaehun Choi
Production Company | Singing Actors Repertory Company

Production | Yond Pictures
Executive Director·Editing |Yoon-soo Jo
Filming Director |Eun-ji Lee, Jae-sang Lee, So-ha Jang, Jin-hyung Kim
Jimmy Jib | Jong-hyun Kim
Technical Director | Jong-ki Jung (ArtFilm)

Singing Actors Repertory Company

Founded in 2013, Singing Actors Repertory Company is a performance group as well as production company formed with the objective of blurring the established borders of theatre, opera and musical and moving beyond the barriers of language and culture to pursue a new musical comprehensive art that can communicate with the people around the world.
Believing that ‘the stage is the kaleidoscope of all beauties and truths,’ professional performing artists have gathered with a commitment to create a better world by letting the audience have fun, be touched and reflect on their lives through colorful portrayals of our lives.

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  • Blooming Artistry.
    The beautiful and intricate song cycle..
    Frequently operatic and deeply emotional.

    - BROADWAY WORLD, Joe Lombardi
  • Couture and dance en pointe, neverdecadently, and always with understated, impeccable taste.

    - STAGE VOICES, Bob Shuman
  • A dazzling multi-media extravaganza... Theproduction is exhilarating. 13 Fruitcakes is by turns joyful andsobering, entertaining and inspiring. Best Bet!
    - THEASY.COM, Eleanor J. Bader
  • Beautiful Tribute to the Sad Reality ofLGBTQ history.
    A drag show mixed with an opera with atouch of Cirque du Soleil.

    - TEECO71 ENTERTINMENT, Tommy Geraci
  • Intense and intriguing, “13 Fruitcakes” isa slice of history mixed with a poignant message and visual artistry of thecontinuum of universal queer oppression, deftly meant to be chewed on longafter one leaves the theater.

    - ONSTAGEBLOG.COM, Natalie Rine