ⓒSang Hoon Ok

Pansori <Bartleby, the Scrivener>

Creative Group Heebie Jeebie Juice

Pansori <Bartleby, the Scrivener> ⓒSang Hoon Ok
  • Original Herman Melville 『Bartleby, the Scrivener』
  • Adaptation
    Young-wook Lim
  • Release date further notice
  • Tickets Pay-per-view through
    Naver tv sponsored
    (The price be announced at a later date)
  • Premiere 2016. Seoul Namsan Gukakdang
  • Rating 8 and over
  • Duration 75min.
  • Video channel Naver tv

‘I would prefer not to.’
The difficulty and joy of understanding the life of someone in a fragmented society.

This piece is based on “Bartleby, the Scrivener,” a short story by Herman Melville, who is well-known for the novel Moby Dick.
Bartleby, a scrivener who copies documents by hand on Wall Street,
starts to baffle the lawyer with his response: “I would prefer not to.”
The pansori singer, sorikkun, introduces Bartleby to the audience and asks them to think together what made Bartleby act that way. New ways to enjoy the story are facilitated using several devices, including a direct quote from the original book and portrayals of characters with objects, which are used to look at the work from various perspectives.

 Young-wook Lim Young-wook Lim

Director and playwright who harmonizes contemporary themes with classical styles, based on pansori

Director and playwright. Head of Creative Group Heebie Jeebie Juice, Young-wook Lim defines that the pansori as a contemporary creative medium is ‘the art of viewpoint and attitude.’ With the aspiration that major properties of pansori that we may call the 'deep grammar’ will open up a new possibility for post-narrative theatre, he is continuing his explorations and experiments.
His major works include <Bartleby, the Scrivener>(2016), 안숙선 이야기 창극 <두 사랑>(2019), <판소리 오셀로>(2017), <어이하리 이내 마음은 오뉴월 버들마냥 swing, swing>(2016). Besides creation, he is also putting effort in discussing the contemporary creation of tradition(국립극단 <우리연극 원형의 재발견>) and acting training(<판소리 미감탐색>, 판소리배우를 위한 연기실험실 <송백간>).


Adaptation·Lyrics·Director | Young-wook Lim
Music Director·Composer |In-hye Park
Production PD·Promotion·Ticketing | Boboo
Production Management | Tae-lim Yeom
Set Design | Shineod, YaMero
Light Design | Gun-young Kim
Sound Design | Sae-rom Jung
Stage manager | Min-ho Park
Costume Design | Guiroe Yeoback
Cast |In-hye Park, Seong-geun Kim
Voice Actor | Pil-seok Kang

Production |Yond Pictures
Executive Director·Editing |Yoon-soo Jo
Filming Director | Eun-ji Lee, Jae-sang Lee, So-ha Jang, Jae-young Park
Jimmy Jib | Jong-hyun Kim
Technical Director | Jong-ki Jung (ArtFilm)

Creative Group Heebie Jeebie Juice

Founded in 2015, Creative Group Heebie Jeebie Juice brings on stage the moments of life that you can’t really put your finger on but will linger long in your heart.
‘Pansori’ is a type of music they are crazy about and their way of storytelling. With a faith in the generosity and abundance that pansori opens up, they try to think less about “Pansori should be this way” and much more about “What can we do with pansori?”

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