Waning Crescent, or the Way You Remember the World

Dong Theatre Company

Waning Crescent, or the Way You Remember the World ⓒKangMool-Lee
  • Original Gang-myeong Jang 『Waning Crescent, or the Way You Remember the World』
  • Adaptation Jin-sae Jeong
  • Director Ryang-won kang
  • Release date further notice
  • Tickets Pay-per-view through
    Naver tv sponsored
    (The price be announced at a later date)
  • Premiere 2018. Namsan Arts Center
  • Rating 15 and over
  • Duration 120min.
  • Video channel Naver tv
  • Co-Production Namsan Arts Center

“If I had to go through it all over again to meet you, I would.”

Waning Crescent, or the Way You Remember the World is a story about victims of school bullying. Themes of memory, pain, and atonement are explored through three characters: a man who committed murder, a woman who loves him, and the mother of the victim. Time proceeds in a linear way only to humans, from the past to the present, and everything is experienced only once. However, Waning Crescent, or the Way You Remember the World piece subverts this very idea to create a new and unfamiliar experience for the audience through the physical movements of the actors in deconstructed time and space.

 Ryang-won Kang Ryang-won Kang


Original | Gang-myeong Jang
Adaptation | Jin-sae Jeong
Director | Ryang-won Kang
Set Design | Yil-jin Lim
Light Design | Bo-yun Choi
Composer | Young-gyu Jang
Choreographer | Bae-seop Geum
Costume Design | Gi-jeong Kang
Makeup Design·Props Design | Gyeong-suk Jang
Sound Operator | Rai-Kyung Lee
Assistant Director | Ji-Soo Cha
Cast | Seok-ju Kim, Tae-yong Choi, Min-woong Youn, Moon-hi Kim,
                So-young Shin, Jung-a Kim, Eun-suk Yoo

Producer·Director | Tae-jun Park
Editor | Young-ki Jin
Technique | Kwang-pyo Kim
Co-Production | Namsan Arts Center

Dong Theatre Company

Founded in 1999, Dong Theatre Company has done various theatrical experiments with a focus on actor's body and gained recognition for their distinct qualities of work. As an effort to have encounters with our era, world and the human, they formed Monday Acting Research Lab in 2007 to develop a unique theatrical form and acting method. As a result, they arrived at <Physical action technique> as acting method, which delivers the characters and content of scenes through presence rather than expression of emotions and psychology.

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