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Theatre Mucheon

YONADAB ⓒSang Hoon Ok
  • Original Peter Shaffer 『Yonadab』
  • Adaptation
    A-ra Kim
  • Release date further notice
  • Tickets Pay-per-view through
    Naver tv sponsored
    (The price be announced at a later date)
  • Premiere 2020. Seoul Performing Arts Festival
  • Rating 12 and over
  • Duration 20min.
  • Video channel Naver tv
  • Support 서울문화재단 로고 기쁨우리문화재단 로고 Sujan La Maison

Do not sing. This is a nightmare.

YONADAB, a theatrical performance of the body, realizes the Dionysian fantasy of primitive vitality within the structure of multidisciplinary musical theater, the most iconic aesthetic form of director A-ra Kim. The integration of emotional stage language and advanced acting techniques, which broadly encompass the areas of body, sense of pitch, language, and sound, reminds us that human life serves as a driving force for creation, while the stage invites us to a world of ritualistic imagination.

 A-Ra Kim A-Ra Kim

Artist who cultivated her own vision by testifying her age purely with the beauty of theatre

With a 40-year career solely as theatre director with cutting-edge experiments who earned public success and truly completed her theatrical aesthetics, A-ra Kim has directed over 60 works including <에쿠우스>, <사로잡힌 영혼>, <셰익스피어 사대비극>, <그리스비극 연작> and <정거장 연작>.
After founding Theatre Mucheon in 1992, she produced, supervised and directed large-scale themed performances and festivals such as <베를린 한국 페스티벌 폐막공연>,<덴마크 아루스 국제 무대예술제 개막공연> and . In 1996, she established an outdoor theatre in Juksan area of Anseong City, leading theatre community movement. She also greatly expanded her horizon with her Historical Site series, domestic and international performances and indoor and outdoor venues. She is the recipient of Baeksang Arts Award, DongA Play Award and Special Recognition from the Minister of Culture.


Adaptation·Director | A-ra Kim
Original | Peter Shaffer 『Yonadab』
Cast | Myung-gon Kim, Jae-seung Jang, Ro Kwon, Woo-sung Choi, Hong-jun Choi,
                 Hee-seok Roh, Dong-jun Lee, Tae-wan Kim, June-ki Hong, Doo-yoen Lee, Won Lim, Jae-hyung Kim
Translation | Jun-yong Park
Stage Art | Dong-woo Park
Choreography | Ho-bin Park
Composition | Na-ra Shin
Lighting Design | Young-bin Kim
Lighting Design | Young-bin Kim
Documentary Pictures | Jong-jin Lim
Media Artist | Jong-bum Choi
Makeup | Do-na Jung
Art Object Design | Kyung-nam Kim
Stage Director |Ki-min Kim
Assistant Director | Jae-hyung Kim
Planning |Da-woon Chung

Production | Yond Pictures
Executive Director | Yoon-soo Jo
Director·Editing | Young-ho Lee
Filming Director | Sang-hyuk Lee, Dong-suk Park, Eun-ji Lee

Theatre Mucheon

For the past 30 years since its foundation in 1992, Theatre Mucheon has presented more than 60 works under the direction of A-ra Kim. Their theatre has constantly suggested new directions for Korean Theatre, always paving the ways for new challenges. They are currently nurturing the next generation of theatre in <A-ra Kim Acting Academy> at Sogang University's Lifelong Education. They are a pioneer and strong example of creative activities of running the venue and creating works as well as expanding a theatrical domain through national and international tours.

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