소멸 Extinction ⓒOHJOONGSEOK
  • Choreographer Jin.J
  • Release date further notice
  • Tickets Pay-per-view through
    Naver tv sponsored
    (The price be announced at a later date)
  • Support 서울특별시 로고 서울문화재단 로고
  • Premiere 2018. Platform-L Art Center
  • Rating 12 and over
  • Duration 60min
  • Video channel Naver tv
  • Cooperation KUNSTOP 로고

A story about the memory that exists within spatial and temporal limitations and the beings that are disappearing

A collaboration between Jin.J, the choreographer of GROUND ZERO Project, and photographer OHJOONGSEOK, Extinction is a performance in exhibition form borne out of a continuous collaboration of dance, photography, and exhibition.

Addressing the question of what actually exists in reality through the idea of time, the performance discovers the special in the mundane and accumulates memories.

 전혁진 Jin.J Jin.J

Contemporary choreographer of unique inventive works with piercing and meticulous perspective on human psychology

Artistic director of GROUND ZERO Project, choreographer Jin.J inspires restrained emotions with detailed movements, maximizing his expression with experimental organization of space and original sense of color. He is also expanding his horizon, involved in making choreographies and dance films with Film & Music Company-KUNSTOP.


Korea's leading fashion photographer and a culture icon the best-known by the public

OHJOONGSEOK's photography is new, fresh and filled with fun ideas. Right after his debut, he started to photograph for renowned clients including Vogue, Elle, GQ and Esquire including their covers, instantly becoming one of the most popular photographers. While he shows a wide spectrum as someone who's excelled in different areas for a long time, his work consistently emits a somewhat innocent passion unique to his work.


Choreographer·Director | Jin.J
Photography | OHJOONGSEOK
Assistant Photography | Genius OH Studio
Producer | Ji-soo Gook
Visual Director | Seung-jae Jung
Stage Director | Seong-chul Kim
Light Design | Min-soo Kim
Visual Design·Music | KUNSTOP, Jae-heon Kwon
Cinematographer | Young-gwan Lee
Costume Design |Seon-mi Lee


GROUND ZERO Project was founded in 2008 as an experimental project group which rearranges the established standardized forms. Led by contemporary choreographers Jin.J, the group inventively collaborated with many art forms including dance, dance film, photography, orchestral music, video art and contemporary music. They pursue different formats of presentation other than stage performance, such as photography exhibition, installation art and dance film. Malerisch approach to topics that reflect the contemporary age and provocative mise-en-scene create a singular identity of GROUND ZERO Project.

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