ⓒSang Hoon Ok

I'm a Lunatic

New Universe Theatre Company

나는 광인입니다 ⓒSang Hoon Ok
  • Original Lu Xun 『A madman's diary』
  • Director Su-jung Kim
  • Release date further notice
  • Tickets Pay-per-view through
    Naver tv sponsored
    (The price be announced at a later date)
  • Premiere 2018. 1st Hehwadong Street Theare Lab
  • Rating 15 and over
  • Duration 70min.
  • Video channel Naver tv

I'm a Lunatic by the New Universe Theatre Company completely turns its 2018 premiere and 2019 run upside down, which would easily put Lu Xun into complete shock and awe! There are all types of madmen in A Madman’s Diary 2020, and we share this experience with all other kinds of madmen in the world. A madman is not born, but made. Perhaps respect for humanity would be possible if we were to closely recognize individuals, rather than the groups to which they belong.

 김수정 Su-Jung Kim Su-Jung Kim

Bringing the uncomfortable truths of our time on stage

The world that director Su jung Kim creates on stage is almost brutally sharp-edged as it piercingly looks at our contemporary society, yet lets the audience confront the truth by asking questions instead of giving answers from pointing out the undeniable contradictions we have. Leader and director of New Universe Theatre Company, Kim is also one of the DAC Artists at Doosan Art Center. Her major works include <공주들>(2018-2020), <망각댄스_4.16편>(2017-2020) and <파란나라>(2016-2018). She is the recipient of New Concept Theatre Award at Dong·A Play Award 2017 and Excellence Award and Audience Medal from Seoul Theater Festival 2019.


Original | Lu Xun 『A madman's diary』
Translator | Hee Lan Cho

Director | Su Jung Kim
Screenplay | Su-jung Kim, A-young Won
Assisstant Director | Min-ji Seo, Woong Jeon, Ji-hye Han
Producer | Hae-mi Kim, Kyu-jin Pai, A-young Won, Jae-woong Lee
Set Designer | Jee-in Song
Lightning Designer | Hae-in Yoon
Lighting Operator | Yong-seon Ko
Costume Designer | Oo-you Kim
Graphic Designer | Mirgraphy
Sound Designer | Min-bae Jeon
Sound Operator | Ho-sung Nam
Music Director | Yul-goo Lee

Filming |IRO Company
Promotion Editor |Young-min Park
Editor | Su-jung Kim, Min-ji Seo, IRO, Woong Jeon
Consultant |Hyung-jun Kang

Cast | Ju-hee Kang, Mi-na Kweon, Bo-kyeong Kim, Seon-gi Kim,
                 Hyeon-ki Min, Kang-ho Lee, Jae-seong Ha

New Universe Theatre Company

Founded in 2015, New Universe Theatre Company is a group of young artists who want to meet a new world, a reliable world. They attempt to freely express in performances the truths that our age finds uncomfortable and to tell the stories of this age with our words and our bodies without restrictions on themes and forms.

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