How to Book

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Group Discount & Inquiries on SPAF

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Booking Guidelines
  • 1.Each performance has different discount policies. Please check the available discounts when you are booking. You can choose only one discount. Regarding the discount policy, you must bring the proof of your discount including your ID, student ID, proof of residences, name card or etc. And if you are unable to proof of your discount, you have to pay the extra charges when you pick up your ticket. (Please check the discount policy on the official website
  • 2.Cancel and refund policies depend on the online booking website. Please check booking policies of
  • 3.Wheelchair seats are only available to book for Main Halls of ARKO Theater and Daehakro Theater. Please call the Customer Info Center of ARKO Theater (Tel. +82-2-3668-0007).
Admission Guidelines
  • 1.Each performance has different age limits, please check the available ages when you are booking tickets. You cannot change/cancel/refund your tickets because of age limits on the venues.
  • 2.You can get the ticket 1hour before starting the performance at the Ticket Box of the performance’s venue. Please carefully check the venue of each performance.
  • 3.Latecomers will not be admitted whilst a performance is in progress. The possibility of latecomers’ entrance depends on performances. Some performances do not allow entrance after the performance’s started. Please take your enough time to get the theaters for your pleasure and convenience.
  • 4.In such cases, you may enter the performance during the intermission and attend the second half of the performance. Please follow the ushers’ guideline. When you are entering the show after it’s started, you may not able to claim your seat, and you can find your seat during the intermission.
  • 5.Latecomers cannot cancel/change/refund even though they cannot watch the performances.
  • 6.The use of cameras, tape recorders or any other electronic or digital recording, photographing or imaging devices is not allowed inside the auditorium. Mobile phones, pagers and wireless handheld email devices must be switched off at all times.