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To the Universe

To the Universe
  • Genre Dance
  • Dates 10.21 Sun. 7pm
  • Venue Small Hall, ARKO Arts Theater
  • Rating 7
  • Duration 90 min
  • Tickets Free
About performance

It is a story about people living on each island go off on a journey together. Because they believe that the medicine in the universe can heal their wounds. On the journey, they meet the black hole and they hold each other’s hands to live. It makes them to heal each other. <To the Universe> talks about the love.


Choreographer | Sang-jun Park(Winner, SDC 2017), Suhan Kim
Cast | Hyun-ju Kim, In-jeong Cho, ki-bum Park, Dong-hee Seo, So-hee Han
Cast | Eun-hye Yang
Staff | Ju-yeon Lee