Global Connection II


  • Genre Dance
  • Dates 10.21 Sun. 7pm
  • Venue Small Hall, ARKO Arts Theater
  • Rating 7
  • Duration 90 min
  • Tickets Free
About performance

What do we want to become?
Where are we headed?
We proceed with the quest for something that we are heading towards with the great discovery of mankind and the historical invention.
Human beings are still not convinced of their own goals, even though their abilities have grown so much.
It seems as if the old and the now dissatisfied.
Our technology has evolved from a canoe to a space shuttle via alleys and steamers, but nobody knows where we are going. Human beings are more powerful than ever on Earth, but they have little idea of what to do with this power.
We will soon be able to design our own desires. So perhaps the real question we face is not "what do we want to be?" But "what do we want?“


Choreographer & Dancer | Ho-yeon Kim, Jung-ha Lim, Hwa Wei-An (Singapore)
Video Projection Design | Jung-eun Lim