• Book Concert – The Bridge on the Drina

    Prof. Sang-Hun Kim, the head of Department of South Slavic Studies in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and Kokan Mladenovic, the director of <The Bridge on the Drina> help audiences to understand the background of story and historical facts of the book <The Bridge on the Drina> written by Ivo Andrić.

    10.12.(Fri) 4pm | Main Hall, Arko Arts Theater
  • Talking Session – Beyond Live Entertainment

    <Beyond Live Entertainment> is a talking session for the audiences to understand the international trend to use technical skills of film making to performing arts. Artists from <Tristesses> and will mainly participate as panels of discussion to introduce their technical skills and the effects on their artworks.

    10.27.(Sat) 4pm | Main Hall, Arko Arts Theater
  • Conversation with Audiences

    <Conversation with Audiences> helps the audiences better understand the artworks. And the artists come up with new perspectives and ideas from the audiences while they are talking about the productions. The program consists of a variety of post-performance sessions including interviews and Q&A sessions.

    10.7.(Sun)-11.4.(Sun) during SPAF | Different Venues by each performance
  • SPAF Critic Salon

    <SPAF Salon for Critics> co-hosted by the International Association of Theater Critics in Korea is a series of critical discussion workshop between directors, dramaturgies, critics and theorists in performing arts sector. The program will help to enhance the way of critical thinking with performances in SPAF 2018.

    10.22.(Mon), 10.29.(Mon), 11.5.(Mon) | KAMS
  • B-boy Workshop for the Youth

    B-boy workshops for the Youth hosted by Fusion MC consist of programs with outstanding street dancers and conversation with artists who create B-boy dance performances <B-boy Fiction ‘Codename 815> and <Pixel> on the stage in order to extend their possibilities.

    (Pre-workshop) 9.19.(Wed), (Performance during SPAF) 10.17.(Wed), 10.20.(Sat)
  • The 15th Young Critic’s Award

    By holding the 15th Young Critic’s Awards, SPAF activity discovers and evaluates emerging trends and thereby fosters critics who can lead the future of Korea’s performing arts.

    Opencall : November (To be Confirmed)