President, Korea Arts Management Service

Int’l Relations Division
Director Shin-ah Kim

Performing Arts Planning Team

Manager Emilia Youn-kyung Lee Assistant Manager Yoo-jung Kim Assistant Manager Yoon-kyung Bae Jeong-yoon Kim Kaimy Kim Gyo-hee Baek Ji-ae Lee In-hye Jeong Se-ran Lee Jae-ran Kim Min-jung Kim Eun-sol Kim Seung-yeon Jang Ga-young Jeong
  • Seoul
    Performing Arts
  • Performing Arts Market
    in Seoul
  • KAMS

Steering Committee

Chairperson Hye-kyung Kim
(President, The Korean Cultural&Arts Centers Association)
Sun-young Lee  (Director, Performing Arts&Traditional Arts Division, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) Kyung-hak Yang (Acting Secretary General, Arts Council Korea)   Sa-in Kim (President, Literature Translation Institute of Korea) Yong-rak Kim (President, Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange) Jun-sung Kim  (Producer, Korea Educational Broadcasting System) Nam-gyu Cho  (President, Korea Dance Association) Jun-ho Choi  (Professor, Arts Theatre Studies/Art Management of Korea National University) Soon-ja-Heo (Professor, Seoul Institute of the Arts)
  • Theater Programmer
    Byung-hoon Lee
  • Dance Programmer
    Sang-cheol Choi